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Non food

 Pure Helfred can design as well, from sofa till cutlery, as if you are fully understand the way food works, you have as well a eye for structure, color and style. And with a highly non barrier mentality but still focus if it's realistic for the client or company.

But with his own funding (free play) he is fare a head of his time.

like his own cutlery design, the world is not yet ready for it. 

Food Related Products


For big snack companies Pure Helfred can be as well a big player as with his experiances of his own new foodline, he knows all the in's and the outs what is been required. Helfred is nearly ready to enter the market next year with his international food product where he invested 9 month full time spread in many years under a shadow name. Been nearly stealed away by a mid size player in Europe was a big compliment to know your in the right direction. So keep a eye on this ! As we will be launch in the catering inflight exhibition in Dubai in 2019.

For a Dutch Company Pure Helfred is been ask to develop health dishes for take away for sporters, where we focus on before the tense exirsize to give the sporters protiens. And after the explosion of work we give them the right mix of vibers.

And all food is been very tasty as well, and will be produced in a factory in France.

Besides this we cooperate to work closely on a salt replacer as well what will been 

expect to been in the market by mid 2018.

As most people know Chef Helfred is as well develop him self by learning and experiment with many combinations, so some period of time he is digging in a subject for a while to understand, and after he gives his his own twist where he is able in easy formats still suprice others.