For to deal with people your motivation to bring it over to others are very importante to grab them in your enthosiastic vibe for the company or projects. 

It all start with the top, as your boss is stressed your staff will be stressed. The key of succes is to motivate them, but in a way they see by them self where your line is with out to much put them finger on them. 


After working in many fields in the Hospitality and in the media, Helfred has a tense experiance to show the way and explain in his 3 step methode to a solid team who rocks after 3 month full time. As it's like a computer you have to fine tune after the hard ware the software after reboot them to the right direction.


Before you start you need to know what the company or projects direction is in many ways: 

a. Company image

b. Who and where we go in the next 5 years

c. In how far you give the staff freedom 

d. Benifits for company and staff

e. Targets to achive 

Then you can make a more motivative road and clear out things with staff for a path where every one is confertable to move and fight forward 


Every project or company has his rules and regulations, but are they up to date? And does it work? Basic and standard things are easy to make it more fun.

Rewarding staff for stimulations of thinking for our company and make some cool elements in a boring company policies. Get the dice out for some fun ............