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Based in The Netherlands and Thailand but educated in the Netherlands started from a bakery family and changes after his bakery school to study as a chef. In the Netherlands his focus was to been all-round in his field before to go to Asia. So he had worked from a two michelin star restaurants till catering work. In 1995 he went to Thailand. There to integrate in the culture, helfred start from scratch.

And build his way up from a local guest house till 1 of the most funkiest chef in Bangkok. In 2008 he went back abrupt to take care of his sick mom in the Netherlands and stay there till 2013 where he had done some media and tv work. He ask to go for a project set up before the wold cup in Brasil. After completed he realizes that South East Asia is his place to be. In Beginning of the summer of 2014 he had create now creative elements in the hospitality for Creators Asia as partner. Unfortinally his Business partner had a hidden agenda when they nearly got access to major funding. So Helfred is focus on new challenges in the Hospitality under Pure Helfred. No body is perfect and Helfred has dyslexia and trough that and with his highly enthosiastic drive people doesn't see his powerfull target skills. To get the best food cost for the best quality and to increase sales are fun elements to trigger him. 


Helfred is a master of ingredients and know how to train staff popper.

His skills are from strong leadership, motivator, father figure if needs, till

Good cost control and consistency. All major element to been successful in the hospitality.

Helfred has a proven track record and is flexible to meet his targets as long price and quality and constancy is been in place for his guests.

Extra benefits are his evolutionary idea in any field in the hospitality also

His Pr and marketing side is quite good and rare for a chef background.

Helfreds drive is the happiness of his guests and staff!

Projects Experience

 Creators Asia
 Sandbar Jomtien
  Pasta O Rei, Brasil
  Food4you, the Netherlands
  La Place ziggo dome, the Netherlands
  NPO dutch national TV
  Media Entertainment Group Amasterdam, The Netherlands
  Bumrungrad Hospital, Thailand
  United Nation Thailand
  Total Concept, Thailand
  Total Catering Services, Thailand
  Pan Pacific hotel, Thailand
  Conrad hotel, Thailand
  Qbar, Thailand
  Molly Maloneys, Thailand
  Chefs Association Thailand
  Oreillys, Thailand
  Samsara, Thailand
  The Barbican, Thailand
  Bangkok Patana school,Thailand
  Khao Yai Garden lodge, Thailand
 Feyenoord, the Netherlands
  Bleau, the Netherlands
  De Harmonie, the Netherlands
  Dudok, the Netherlands
  Airport Hotel, The Netherlands
  De Lickebeardts Hoeve, the Netherlands
  De hoefslag , the Netherlands
  Jac herweijer bakery the Netherland

Helfred did as well few things in the Media here is a link of a few video's  :