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Food is good as you work with passion and love. Creating first from flavors and then how its been build up on structure, color and decoration is the way it should.

After a tense education in differend kitchens and cultures you get a big scope of playground. As learning new ingredients and technics its a never ending story.

And with Pure Helfreds own style ''Funky Food'' its a joyfull road to flavoring goodies for the people. 

With good experiances in Health, Asian, European, and Fusion cuisine, Helfred is able to suprice him self and dare him self to create direct from his soul.

No cooking books no distraction ! As if you got the touch and feeling you have to keep it close to your self and only look around for inspiring good quality products and discover new ways of technics rest is fully gears on to play! Like my Ice burger or a really double burger as its unconviniance to let guests open up their mouth so wide... So i created a special double burger bun. Things like that or cooking with out salt and sugar... If you have no barrier but the focus and know what type of guests like or dislike it's a easy task.

As many chefs forget they need to cook for the guests what they want not what you want. And even with that you can play around!  The feedback when people eat and when you see a smile on their face it's the moments you realise you are able to please people for a few moments in their life and that is a great job we have ! 




Flavoring and paring is a must in our field and as a Culi lover is beverage as much importante as the food. If you serve a great meal and the combination is so so it's effect the full experiances. So even in a cafe you can suggest the type of beers by the differend dishes or as well non alcohol drinks. What i find mostly by the cocktails that they have standard a shot of this a shot of that, but i find most of the time their is not the right balance in the total cocktail. It's the same like season fruits and vegetables, lots of chefs has standaard recipies but you need to adjust a little bit if the apples are bit more sweeter or little bit less. As Hospitality is the love for details to try to serve the best you can get. From cafe braissery till high end top restaurants.