PR Things

If you do some thing intresting, papers, magazines, websides and tv are easy to get and for free.

So if you are clever you can safe a lot of money by doing special and unique things! Dare to step out! 

Food Creations

Knowing your self to get the best out of you is a must to get the best out of your self. Helfred creations been develop true insperation by good music and nice environments. 

In Action

Helfred been as well for a while in the media as side kick live for a year in the most famous DJ Giel Beelen who has his own TV/Radio show called Freaky Night. Concept was few days before Helfred got the names of the famous artiste who play in the studio. He listen to their music and google them for more information and with those information he created a special dish for them and presented in the studio. And because it was a real freaky night i created in the beginning a spicy real Playful Of Romantic Naughty Gourmet :0 ! 

see a sample but sorry it's in Dutch ....:(



 As well with other cook outs!

Diploma's and Others

For those who are intrested in it.