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Concepts Designs


Creating a Concep is 1 thing, to exicute is a other scope of work as you see already by the pre devlopment :

The Pre Design Management stages, there is a period in which the project becomes identified as a concept and a project definition and scope are developed. Our knowledge of later project requirements, limitations and options can influence the decision process and provide necessary continuity.
Project elements such as risk assessment, strategic planning, phasing of work and procurement strategies are implemented as the expertise of the Project Manager is called upon to bring together and interface the four basic fundamentals of any project: Need, Cost, Function and Timing.

Feasibility Analysis
Existing facility analysis
Renovation vs. new construction
Conceptual scope development
Phasing studies
Site evaluation
Develop Management Plan
Scope of Work
Project Team – Internal and Client Coordination
Budget / cost evaluation
Master Schedule
Risk Identification and Analysis
Project Delivery Methods
Selection of Consultants
Government Approval’s Process
Develop and Review Consultant / Contractor Agreements

As been opening many projects, Chef Helfred is able to monitor and advise and bring in from management side but as well as conceptual.


Food Concepts



If a company or project is in need for a special menu and or food concept based on a idea, Helfred can develop it from creating the dishes till training the staff and even advise on marketing and PR plan. Pure Helfred always come up with supricing elements what gives the project and or company a extra boots. And for sure get many attention so you not need to pay for adds as magazines and web sites like intresting stories. And special things not need to be complicated it's just that you have the great idea's and the right ingredients in a good format. But as well price is as well a issue, in what sigment are you pinch your products all food for thoughts! 

Before to investing a lot of funding it's good first to try out things under a other name in small outlets before you been responsable for major investment. 

Pure Helfred is able to map out the road, before you enter the market.