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New Concepts Coming up !

After months developments we are very proud as Partner and Founder to create 2 new concepts from A-Z, where Question Mark Plus planned to opening up some where in October this year ! Dream To opening up your own cafe, restaurant or night entertainment? And you like  a unique conceptual concept what stands out? 

Most Design companies they come up with less exited concepts with not the right wow factors, and they even charge remarkable fees.

Pure Helfred is creating a new experiance for your up coming guests.  With tense experiances from Asia till Europe and even in South America,

Pure Helfred's resources with the mixer of new developt own idea's are the right elements to be the talk of your town. 

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Besides those projects Pure Helfred is as well one of the creators  behind GUH: 

Gear Up Hospitality (GUH)

Hospitality stands for service, service stands for understanding & knowing peoples’ needs!

Working in Hospitality means, having an open mind to co-operate with others. Co-operating with others means achieving more: observe what happens in your own team in your own restaurant or in another other hospitality outlet. But what happens if a lot of restaurants co-operate in this way……..?? It means we are Gearing Up Hospitality…!!

Welcome at GUH, bringing Hospitality to a higher level in Malta….working together for the better ! 

Doing our business by heart, decreases unnecessary competition, tension & high costs in Hospitality Outlets! Let us open our eyes for the advantages of working together!

Of course we are responsible for our own business: we need to be sure that everything is in the right order. It is important to see what improvements can be made to see both our Staff & our Guests enjoying themselves fully. Aren’t our guests paying for a positive and joyful experience…??

Working together on the fundaments of hospitality, brings up the Hospitality service level!

GUH focuses on all potential improvements: staff training, clever purchasing together, joint events, and much more.

We start with an example , and we share the way of working & the results! This makes it possible to build up growing improvement of the Maltese Hospitality Standard, based upon co-operation!

Let us open our eyes to be able to see potential improvements in our own operation!

Improving our Hospitality Standard by co-operation, sharing experiences & results, brings benefits to all of us and to our Guests!


The Camelion of the Hospitality, Pure Helfred bring color to his field and let every one shine and hook them on with love and passion. With the right touch and happy mind and work spirit your company or team is able to move to the right direction. Even able to come as mistery staff in your organisation to monitor it from the floor.

“The Challenge for our Skill

Is the power and the will

To create and compose

The Feeling of our soul " 

“ Created by Helfred.


Based in The Netherlands and Thailand, educated in the Netherlands started from a bakery family but changes after his bakery school to study as a chef.
In the Netherlands his focus was to been all-round in his field before to go to Asia.


A to Z is a road to move with all details between to get their. If your organisation, team need refreshing spirit to move up and get things done, Pure Helfred can take the lead. From cost control, to improve consistency till wake up a whole team in the right spirit!

'' Hospitality start with respect so with your self, its easy to push people down, but Pure Helfred move people up''. Staff who is enjoying their work are the diamonds in our industry.


From nothing to really something! Pure Helfred is the supricing factor in the Hopsitality and it can be from Hospitality related designs till new food productsfor big snack companies.


Is your paper blanco or your computer screen empty and not yet have the right concept in your mind? Stop and get some positive mindset from Pure Helfred to help you with it. Helfred is a unique guy, he has the right business mind set to get the most out of your investment as well highly creative. Include with strong management skills. Solutions from nothing till more then some thing ! As doing good resources before your start to develop your final concepts, it's a small investment for later headaches. Start early with resources for equipments directly after you have made your main direction, every day not open is lost profit, and as well how more quatation for simulare products how better price and quality for the guests

Food and Beverage

Ever hear from Mind minders? Or Piano bread ? Or did you ever taste Oyster ice cream with blue berries? And what about carpaccio from red bell peper, mango and banana with lemon thym between on a steamed lamb kebab...... 

Those are just a few cool elements of the endless creations from Pure Helfred.

If you are happy mindend and have a great base from as teachers like: Frank Naar, Andre van Doorn, Herman de Blijker, Marcel Van Zomeren, Gerard Braun, Leon Van Bokkem and many more (Thanksss guys to early kick my ....) And been inspire by great music, with cool ingredients, new technics till own styles and methodes, you get with Pure Helfred attantion from guests, media and your staff. 


Chef Helfred is besides his talented cooking and baking skills very good in health cooking! He created after experiances for many diets like , weight watches, Atkinson diet, bloodgroup diet and many other for stricktly a month. He experiances the benifit what happends in his body and true a lot of learning as well Chef Helfred created his own style

'Healfiness'= great tasty health food, what even sceptical foodies in health cooking enjoy as well ! 

At the moment Chef Helfred create for a European company healthy take away for sporters, where they can eat the protien before sporting and the fibers after.

In the South of Europe Chef Helfred is working to opening up Health center.

Where he set the lines of the basic concept, create menu's, staff training nearly whole nine yards :)- .regarding all Food & Beverage input.

Exept the message and other health healing methode is been submitted by other proffesionals but intergraded in the whole conceptual.